White is a new ambitious project by Capital Group presenting 2 contemporary towers in Khamovniki—the most promising district of Moscow. The architectural solution inspired us to create an unconventional brand that speaks the language of progressive modernism.

The name White represents utmost cleanliness, whilst neat lines of the logotype mirror the towers’ architecture onto the paper surface. The logotype was designed with a modernist object in mind, where a single W is in fact two Vs which link two buildings to become a single entity.

For this project we developed brand identity, name and positioning. The idea of a house as a contemporary urbanist sculpture became our primary metaphor in this process. The art renders reflect this idea with a series of 3D shapes that could be exhibited as contemporary artworks in any gallery across the globe. These digital works laid a background for a video presentation, a project publication and an interior works booklet.

We suggested reinterpreting and reinventing White as a new ‘white cube’—a clean and opened space to display works of art. A digital screen in the lobby became a showcase of digital art, changing to reflect the mood of the interior dwellers. Through this physical manifestation the very concept of White learnt the language of art. Clean architecture. Clean aesthetic. Clean modernism. White.