The Turandot house is located on Old Arbat next to the Vakhtangov Theatre.
Task description: to develop a positioning concept and renew the visual identity style.

The first thing we noticed, was that the house quite literally grows from the monumental theatre building. We suggested a tagline Culture Included which embodies the idea of a living space embedded within a cultural gravitational field of a famous institution. The image of princess Turandot became a joining element in this concept, as this play has appeared many times on the stage of the Vakhtangov Theatre. For Turandot we collaborated with a collective of four Russian artists AES+F to enrich the interiors with authentic feel of theatre, using phantasmagoric stage imagery to channel the enigma of classical drama.

We enhanced the typography of Turandot logo whilst remaining within the territory of classics. The strokes of the letters became less bold and grew more elegant. The sign representing the princess became more contemporary as we removed the unnecessary elements. The visual style of the tagline Culture Included expresses project’s dual nature with a combination of a classic antique font and a swiss-made grotesque. To further advance the concept, we suggested exhibiting works which depict scenes from the play by the famous graphic artist Vladimir Zolotukhin.

Being inspired by this work the developer decided to invest its own funds into the renovation of the Small Stage of the Vakhtangov Theatre. The rebranding of the house on Old Arbat transcended a simple communication and turned into an investment into Moscow’s cultural heritage.