Red 7
RED7 is a new conceptual house on the Garden Ring designed by a world-renowned architectural bureau MVRDV. Its unconventional shape is derived from a rectangle with a removed segment, reminding us that in order to achieve the desired we need to remove the redundant.

We suggested the name RED7 as an homage to the dominant nature of the Garden Ring and also to mark the creation of a new attraction point. Red colour has always been presented in Moscow’s toponymy as the word ‘red’ used to mean ‘beautiful’.

We incorporated the idea of 7 dimensions into the brand and based it on the concept of 7 liberal arts. The opportunities that the house gives to its residents can be reinterpreted through philosophical, architectural, infrastructural, technological, historical, urban, and design facets.

RED7 became a unique experience of international collaboration. MVRDV created the architecture, the Swiss designer Erich Brechbuehl was responsible for the typography in the logo, the Dutch interior design bureau i29 and the artist Sabine Marcelis came up with installations for social spaces.

The publication was inspired by famous objects and monuments of Russian avant-garde surrounding the RED7 building. The project’s bold and creative tagline reads: SculptuRED. CultuRED. FutuRED. RED7. A new attraction on the map of Moscow.