Cameo is a 17-villa real estate complex situated 3 minutes away from Mayakovskaya metro station. Task description: brand naming and positioning, development of project’s visual and verbal communication languages.

We have proposed Urban Villas – an entirely new solution on the Moscow real estate map.
The suggested brand name Cameo stands for “a little gem” or represents a small cinema or theatre appearance of a famous person. This name encapsulates our positioning strategy: a small-scale project for self-sufficient people, who only play the roles they make for themselves. The tagline reinforces the project’s location and private status—Hidden Right in the Centre.

The antiquated style of the typographic logo represents timeless values which lie at the heart of the project. Every letter was drawn by hand which echoes the bespoke approach of the developer—every detail is carefully considered.

Our art renders formulate an identity of a personal Moscow villa: a fairy-tale-worthy garden, secluded terraces, private front and backyards, a forest with secret areas and mirrored vases. This level of detailing created a new image of a quality deluxe brand for the local market.

We produced a promo video which presents the project team and their individual visions of Cameo. The grand presentation took place in November of 2018 at the Four Seasons Hotel situated right next to Red Square. This once again highlighted the project’s central location and its primary narrative: 4 seasons, 5 senses, 17 villas.