Art Residence
Art Residence is a European style quarter of low-rise townhouses situated in the lanes of Belorusskaya district. Task description: to reposition and renew the brand’s visual language.

The site represents a contemporary architecture with European roots. The idea of a bridge between the cultural worlds has a strong backing in the very geographic location of the quarter—Aeroexpress trains connect the Belaya square vicinity with Moscow’s busiest airport, making a journey to Europe only 2 to 3 hours long.

Our target audience is well-educated energetic professionals with a feel for global contexts. They are regulars of art galleries, trendy restaurants, and cosmopolitan districts everywhere between Paris and New York. Their tone of communication is spacious, yet laconic and mathematically precise. Our proposed visual language represents that contemporary aesthetic, whilst our tagline—Cosmopolitan. Cultured. Alive—corresponds with the values of our customers.

We have redesigned the logo with a Swiss approach in mind. The publication layout is built on a juxtaposition between accent-driven typeface and vivid colour palette. Each chapter is marked with a visual composition of large-sized keywords intertwined with art objects.

The day and night-time photoshoots of the Belaya square district focus on the quarter’s everyday dynamics. Inside of the publication a small-format booklet demonstrates the diversity of materials in the lobby—marble, onyx, and others—as objets d’art. This is how Art Residence brand received its artistic dimension and a cosmopolitan undertone.